Understanding the legal system of a defective democracy

3 Jul

This topic is very long if presented in detail.defective democracies are so ‘enduring’ that they have more said and written about them than functional democracies. Functional democracies? On second thoughts it is probably because there are more defective democracies than there are functional ones.

Take my home land for instance.there is an everlasting test on the constitution and it would be interesting to one day see what the constitution says and what it is that has kept constitution robbers at bay.

You see nature at times rallies on the side of the wicked….no not the wicket. One time in the recent history of the land a president died while pleasing himself with a woman other than the First Lady. Of cause this is a rumour that was not proven. In African politics the main pastime of the central intelligence is to spin gossip. Nothing gets proven and nothing gets refuted.

I digress. The man died anywhere and another president had to be sourced. The guy was operating national issues without a factual vice or deputy. What he had done when he came to office was he appointed a woman, someone else’s wife as his deputy.

It’s difficult to have someone else as a deputy, ask the First Lady. It is still difficult to have your wife as someone’s deputy, if you ask the deputy’ husband. So a few meetings down the line it became clear that the president wanted nothing more to do with the deputy and fired her.

And the constitution said no. All the king’s wise men could not tear the constitution page that says so. And the two ruled apart one as the soon dying president and the other as a forgotten discarded saved-by-the-constitution sacked but in service deputy president.

As sure as it was decreed when he was born surely Mr President died. It was time again to challenge that all powerful oracle ….the constitution . You see Mr dead president while alive had remembered his own. Cats ,rats and all we’re looked after as long as they wee related to him. Obviously he had his own peter……Petra and on this rock he built his trust.

So the rock would take over if something happened or if nothing happened. Again the constitution said no. It aptly favoured the disgraced deputy,the oracular document did. And bang, she slammed the doors shut for she was in.

You can’t be a president of anything unless you are assertive, very assertive. She was assertive in body and you would collide with her as a bus or as a passenger at your own risk. And she started unpacking the kitchen.

Spring cleaning saw the surviving deputy rid the nation of possibly the only functioning jet in the country. Look I am not a nasty writer…….I get confused when truth and lies hold hands. I also get confused when logic is missing in any argument,in any event or any scenario. Here goes, see if this will not boggle your mind.

Malawi airways is defunct. The nation proudly known as the warm heart of Africa has no airline of its own. I ever used it once from Harare to Lilongwe and it’s no more. Yet the later dead president had a jet of his own.this is in a country which is described in many fora as one of the poorest nations in the world. Your test is to find logic in that. I failed.

So after the deputy-cum-president did not die but days became weeks, months and years then she had to face those who anoint kings. It was election time sooner than it was Christmas 2014. Joyce entered an election that she would lose by a better margin had she chosen not to enter the race. She didn’t listen to the environment.

So JB ,one whose initials are so closely related to males than females,lost. It was time again to attack the oracle. She tried to tear some few constitution pages and failed.

This is why I will write a series on the constitution of the republic of Malawi in the coming posts. I will look at why it has reminded unshaken by the tearing hands of the enemies of people pretending to be their leaders or servants whichever side of the lie you want to stand.

And also I will pay tribute to a judiciary system that has helped the constitution to say no.

James Kamchacha……


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