The PHD and the First Lady

1 Oct

When you have everything what else can you have. Power is sweet but abuse of power is just stupid at times. Not a question of academic morality but just real human conscience…..can one take pride in false achievement?

i recently co-organised an event where a PHD holder was invited to talk on the route to a PHD. He did not mention any possible time frame in general but on the whole he demonstrated with honesty and humility that it is no simple study. Zvasiyana nehomework ye Sunday school.

when my friend came from defending his thesis he says he felt so relieved and so angry that he cried when he got home; all due to the pressure he went through. He took 4 years yet he already was a lecturer and working in his field.

A search on the internet gives clear information that a PHD sociology could take 4-8 years. People are much thicker than I thought. They are not aware that there is a university in this world where a glorifietypist (glorified by marriage) can do a PHD in sociology for less than 6 months. Talk of an academic haven.

i have studied both in taught and long distance institutions. My conclusion is that education is not easy. This is why I personally believe most degrees held by politicians while in office are fake. Zavabva naGono paainge ari uz senate chair. He doctored (phded) himself and hezvo nemagrade 7 kwavakuti,”ndoridawo ” kunge bhora.


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