Mrs Joyce Teurairopa Mujuru aka Mai Mujuru.

13 Dec

The way Joyce was treated is just the way thousands of widows have been treated in Africa and indeed in Zimbabwe for many years. Widow or chirikadzi (Shona) umfelwakazi (ndebele) gets treated with all the vices cowards feared to confront the husband during his life.

I am not zanu(pf) and will probably never be. I do not particularly endear myself to the likes of Mai Mujuru, but boy! She was treated like rubbish is treated….kukandwa kudurunhuru.but how clean is mai mujuru?

I can think of 2 incidents where I can say uuhmm, wake wayilahla. Sometime in the 80s I was working in the city centre of Harare. At lunch time I passed by,a place I think is called town hall or something. There was a group of women being adressed by a woman. The woman was Teurairopa Nhongo. I didn’t care much what she was telling people but in that public,she was mega phoning her audience with poo like,”….;vaMugabe mwari wedu wepano pasi….” Literally mugabe our god on earth. And now? Chaakumuruma chIBaal chake, wanna manje!

We as a nation could have had the pride of having mobile phone technology ahead of many countries. We had a brilliant entrepreneur coming up with mobile technology and was frustrated by the minister concerned. She was so biased on behalf of her god’s nephew’s company that it was nearly shocking.and called one senile old man senile. Desperately disrespectful, yet now I see. Her god is now much older than the age she called our hero senile. So she must be saying of her god,senile demented and stupid.

To her credit Mujuru is academically gifted. She was a chimbwidolike returning guerrilla wearing sting achipaparika kungedzvatsvatsva. She has grown from grade 7 plus unmarked form 2 homework to a doctor….PHD baba! Kusvika umwe ari ndoridawo. Come what may I believe Joyce akaverengera PHD yake, handinakumboti umwe haana,ok.

Ah then mai mujuru was minister in each of mugabe’s cabinets. She became a Vice President achitekenya ndebvu dzema dhara ana mzee nana msika kwaakuzonzi natypist resign or else. Zvakaoma warume.but then JB mhondavabereki yepaBulawayo akati up resident ahupananwi mumachira sesiki. Kukanzi Batai munhu.

Goche akati ahh ZANU ndeyeropa,umwe unofa…..I’ve ndiye Ava kudziisirwa mabanana ari mucho spiral. Ko mutasa, ndonzi gamatox….I hold mugabe’s security in my hands…ah chaiyechaiye kana kuti wepa photo?

For the next 5 years grace will be the most fierce woman in Africa among politicians. The 5 years after that she will wish she was not born. This is how I see the future.
Mai mujuru khala ulethemba,chennai netariro,weep with hope.


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