How an irresponsible and randomly hateful parking attendant has upset me

26 Dec

I believe that a lot of what councils make from Parking can easily be illegal money. Illegal in the sense that parking motorists get irregularly ticketed and those who don’t want to be bothered just quietly pay. I don’t know what councils teach train or brief their parking enforcement officers but the following is one I found appalling to say the least.

I had to visit some offices in London street Reading. All I wanted was to drop a letter. While parking my car I noticed the parking attendant walking like away from my direction but on the opposite side of the street. I walked into the offices and was told I had to see someone rather than just leave a letter.

I went back and paid a pound into the park meter, at the same time noticing the parking guy now on my side of the street. He was talking to some woman. After paying I put my ticket on the dashboard on top of a parking disc I use at work.

I then went back into the office where my appointment was ready for me. Business did not take long and in less than five minutes I was done. I left the office and noticed the park attendant loitering around my car and a grey golf parked in front of my car.
I knew I still had plenty time so it didn’t bother me that he was by my car. I then chose to walk to the supermarket at the end of the road.when I returned from there my car had a ticket,my ticket was/still 3 minutes valid and the attendant was gone.

I located a different park attendant and called him to explain the incident and witness it for me.
I naively asked him to call his office and ask them to send back the offending attendant and instead he was told off and told to tell me to-appeal in the normal way. I appealed with details and the reply came refusing my appeal. As it stands I am expecting to be dragged to a tribunal. At whose expense do these tribunals sit? What does the park attendant get for causing such pointless trouble?

I will update you on the outcome of this example of ineptitude,wanton abuse of authority and disregard of commercial and administrative ethos by those we trust with our civic order.


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