What if…………

24 Jan

Suppose the different out come to what all and all are wishing for happens? Newspapers are speculating that after Mugabe will be his wife,or heee it will be ngwena yeah it will be Bona……

But suppose the after Mugabe does not come. Of cause it is a possibility. Mugabe is alive only thing is he is old and that is not an infirmity. Everyone with an old parent or grand parent wishes they could not lose them. So are those who hold Mugabe high in their lives. To some he just can not die.

In 2013 the UK media proudly reported on a 100 year old office boy still working and going strong. A 100 year old medical practitioner was still running his practice. In fact there are so many <a id="_GPLITA_0" style="border:none !important;display:inline-block !important;text-indent:0 !important;float:none !important;font-weight:bold !important;height:auto !important;margin:0!important;min-height:0 !important;min-width:0 !important;padding:0!important;text-transform:uppercase !important;text-decoration:underline !important;vertical-align:baseline !important;width:auto !important;background:transparent !important;” title=”Click to Continue > by BOBrowser ads 1.1″ href=”#”>active 100 year olds that I am inclined to alternatively think what if Mugabe hits 100, hits 105; hits 110?

Mugabe is determined to rule even forever. He has said that and he means it. In 3 years time he will be 94 and in 10 years he will be 101. At 94 he will still be younger than thousands of centurions still going strong. He can easily make it. He feels it, he demands it, he wants it and he pays for it. He works for his health,going to every doctor every health giver in the east and getting fixed. So what if he lives 10 more years?

If that happens it means Mugabe will still run for president and possibly win or certainly rig come 2018. He will be probably a grand dad several times then and he will still be enjoying power showing off to some little mugabite that “ndini puyezhident wavanhu voshe ava wazhinjwa.

Then suppose, just suppose by then he would have traded in his ageing wife for another typist? He will find new joy and new zeal to carry on as president even for another many many years .

These are just possibilities. He can rule us until amen. Achingonzi afa heh ayenda kunorapiwa cancer heh apa raw maziso……achingotonga bedzi. Such is life’s cruel possibilities my brothers. Life comes from God almighty, he might just bless the man you hate or love with many many years as president and super husband of yet another young type writer….(for that is what typists used to be called back then in my youth)…..think about it!


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