25 Jan

I was kind of surprised that The Lord has called Miss Oppah Rushesha or is it Muchinguri to ministry through the institution of marriage. To those who missed the news, the war veteran, surviving high profile reluctant witness of the killing of comrade gandanga guru Josiah Magama Tongo, twice married beautiful ageless, former women’s league leader, has tied the knot with a man of God. Not just a pastor but a B I S H O P.

Someone with 2020 vision could have seen that and said suppose….. But no you didn’t and hazvichabetseri it’s now common knowledge. Chimoko chaenda nabishop takangoti vavava!

Anywhere ndaakuredzva munamato sadza richipora!

My point is,suppose. Joyce Teurairopa mujuru, the one the president’s wife fired from a party she joined through marriage, the one who never claimed she shot down a chopper but is accused of that lie; the one who was Vice President and we all thought was number two to the throne ,only to realise number two is the president and number one is she who fired her. Yes that one.

Now we all know she is widowed,right? I mean I don’t sell ideas I just look and say what if? Suppose? Right suppose she finds love in another General’s heart? Eh chiwenga? Kana Sibanda? Or even Perence Shiri? What if she finds love in another strongman’s heart? Kutusvura moyo wesoja, you know.

You see things of the heart work strangely. Inga Gracia was First Lady twice in a life time. Came kutochata na someone they would never imagine.So I am not really dreaming in vain; it is a possibility , a quantifiable possibility if you ask book makers.

So what? Would the strong man want a gun less former type writer, typist get away with treating her as she did? You know the Shona wise men, there are many wise shonas, say: simba kaviri kurwa nemukadzi weasipo. When you fight the wife of a absent husband expect a second fight. So wait and see a real replacement hubby turns up, Munoona zvemukati zvavaroora Grace madhorezi atogwa nemhepo votiza. I am only saying suppose.

So she marries another angry musoja, and he declares he will love her for better for worse. In sickness and in health. For rich or poor until ZANU pf we do apart! You see panoteurwa ropa! Panobvinhwa nhabvu nebhutsu dzesimbi, wangu.

But then this is no rumour no gossip. This is no jukwa……it’s only another view, think about it.


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