How things could just change,so

26 Jan

Of cause ana mr mareza, ana chigocha, ana baas Phillip naana mkandabhutsu are not returning. The era of successful, filthy rich commercial farmers of a certain tribe are over. Their demise coincides with much suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.. Who could have imagined that the royal Zimbabweans would one day be found anywhere in the world if only they end up with some dollar.

Let’s see. One of my best mates is in Saudi Arabia. Several of my nephews are in South Africa. One of my ‘sisters in law’ is in Botswana with hoards other friends and people I know. At least one of my childhood friends is in Maputo. One is in Zambia. And mainini is in Tanzania where she reports chibi growth point is more modern than where she is. One nephew was at some nameless island in the Atlantic. So you see royal Zimbabwe spread and scattered through out the ,all in search for ndayi, dosh, musvo, tsoro,zuda, ndarama, lutho, …………..

Where was I, anywhere ngaife. Suppose. You see pano tinotaura zviroto, we just look at the alternative view. Another angle to events.

ZANU pf was naughty as they still are. The world works like this. A party is formed at some point. It will ask for, order you, beg you or fight in a war to end up ruling the country. Right? So they then become a ruling party and their leader becomes the president . So ZANU pf did one of the things and ended up zimbabwe’s ruling party. Their then middle aged leader became president through other stages blah blah blah.

They then set rules structures salaries and remuneration for each other etc. They allow each other a bit of unabated abuse of coffers, power, resources etc. It goes on and on as they get voted in and out until people start questioning what they see. Then to protect the stollen things, the abuse of power and all, they create new laws mostly similar to the ones they opposed before getting into power. Posa gets created and law and order act gets dusted and computerised.

So the good guys slowly become evil. You suddenly get arrested for criticising them. The leader’s name gets ring fenced than copywrited by law. He is still your servant ( campaign staff) as much as he is your god.(expected reality). This is he who when you say anything bad you suffer worse than a convicted murderer.

So this is what Zimbabwe did. It created so many donts than dos that people could not stand it Anymore. But yes they tried to demonstrate, they tried to show they now preferred to be ruled by someone else. Then all he’ll broke loose. Kwatshaywa okungabantu kwenkosi,uyazi kurohwa zve kuti dhu. Some died,some maimed for life. An angry government does not follow the legal route, police, courts and jail. It just sends nameless good for nothing’s to come to you and kill you for beer as payment. This is what ZANU did.

But the same people being beaten know one fact, men always help dowse one another’s burning beard. So some men heard the cry of Zimbabweans and tried to make noise about it. Then the leadership told the good neighbours to go hang. People were theirs and if they wanted to kill them they would do so without interference thank you. I got scared. I got very scared. Some people would be beaten beyond ukufanisa. Beaten until they don’t resemble themselves, you know. Some were killed and burnt beyond recognition. Identified and unidentified perpetrators still walk free.

Such is what the world looked and said no we can’t have this. You will not be OUR friends until you stop beating YOUR people. So they went back to the people and reported,’lazini Bantu,AMA British lama Americans bayahlanya. Bathi singalitshayi Lina livothela umogen?’ ( know what people these British and Americans are mad. They are saying we mustn’t beat you up even when you vote for Morgan.)obviously the people went ???. But some few stupid ones still protested. ZANU ndeyeropa vaMugabe ndimambo vanotirova pavanodira Rhoda iwe…..they happily sang.

And the zimdollar died. Banks like founders,Beverly died. Csc died.air Zimbabwe ndokuparker.nrz kupera zvayo ! Zisco dead as a dodo. Ya kunonzi kutonga. Lucky enough usabhuku hahuna inflation, maiwana mombe dzotengwa nechibhamuriro ndikuudze! Aika……wait 10 yachaya? Lilale boboy.


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