Tesco tesco tesco……choking on success or

1 Feb

It’s no joke to be as successful as tesco. When you get so many people spending their money in your brand than anywhere else it is as exhilarating as it is scaring. When people pride sign their properties as “near tesco” it is just a sign as a brand you mean a lot to the citizens of the country.

The same goes for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be appointed an executive manger of any description in the ranks of such a unit. There expectation is high from directors,shareholders, a huge customer base, regular suppliers and the ever demanding media.

It is not surprising that tesco was to act swiftly when some of their top managers were deemed directly responsible for overstating their expected returns. There has been many developing themes linked to tesco’s new found misfortunes. It is unbelievable that such a fly high supermarket can just wake up poorly even on the verge of death.

Some have accused the giant of over estimating their earnings by unlawfully delaying payments to suppliers? That surely can’t be true because kana njwati like me anozivawo kuti that can’t be correct in any trade. Someone has also said they have been charging firms to have their products on top shelves? It is this which prompted me to find out more on how particularly tesco stakes it’s shelves and how supermarkets work. Does it mean what is in the supermarket has some element of belonging to the supplier?

Anywhere it is success which is threatening to choke my favourite food supplier. Their shares have gone back up but still they seem set to restructure. They will put back plans for certain new shops. They are going to close certain loss makers. Their suspended development will include a shop in Basingstoke, ouch!


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