Election fever is upon us.

11 Feb

Come May 2015, I believe it’s the 7th, but whatever date it is it has to be a Thursday; when we sleep that night we likely to wake up to a new government. Come May we are back to the polls to elect rulers of the island nation.

I am not surprised by the fever surrounding this year’s elections considering all that is likely to happen. What surprises me is the angle the Tories are taking this time around. They are bashing in some cases in a way that I consider as below the belt and surely it is going to get dirty.

Generally I hate parliamentary debates. When it comes to house debates I would rather have the House of Lords. Parliament itself is so polarised that the only time there is some respect for order is when they are talking about so casualties of war.

I hate the prime minister’s question time. I hate presidential addresses. But as for the prime minister’s question time I hate it with passion. I am always left thinking why politicians play so stupid. I have even wandered why gogo vaWilliam doesn’t ask them to behave. For those who have not watched this, the prime minister and the leader of the opposition take turns to go to the podium and say each their own idea of an intelligent contribution. It is more like a verbal ping pong. A match to see who says better rubbish, who gets more jeers, who gets the most boos or who gets the most applauds.

What’s wrong with that, is first I bought my tv for 90% entertainment and the other 10% being for funerals,news state of the nation addresses etc. secondly my idea of politicians talking, in typical african macho is where one has a booming voice, telling lies and not even caring what the other person is saying. Ndava kuhumana?

So I was saying because of this election fever these days I listen to this radio station. Lucky enough I have quite some time to listen to it as I have to drive to London for work these days. So this radio station has no music. It has a few stupid adverts but it is purely a conversation radio station. The anchor or radio announcer generates a topic. He then invites callers to contribute any point. Some announcers are strict and will censor anything they don’t agree with. Some do not even take callers but ramble on. There is even a programme for bashing pop stars.

Anywhere today among other topics there was this about the Labour Party. I have a suspicion most people who phone to this wander radio are above middle class people. Of cause I and other lower caste people like me , have phoned in before. I have heard some being almost told off and for me twice I have failed to go past the first screen.

So the story about labour was that they bought a bus, a campaign bus which the radio was calling a battle bus. The bus is meant to be a means to promoting the labour agenda of bringing women to labour, to the Labour Party not labour room, sorry for that. So they decide to paint the bus pink in line with feminine colours. I am thinking that’s brilliant; my logic is if it was meant for crèche children it would be whatever colour but certainly with pictures of the sponge bobs, the Micky mouse, Minnie Mouse, the humpy dumbties, Winnie the Pooh,the Bob the builder ….All the lot. So to me it was just as much as a theme for the right group.

Oh my God. Then this miss phoned in. She just was anti labour through and through. I have no issue with anyone being anti anyone but boy! She went on to say she had never dressed in pink in fact she has never worn a dress. Who does labour think we are?
And I am thinking so, what is wrong with a pink bus. Calls and calls came on and they were all bashing the labour leader, the labour house leader and all about labour. Then it slowly started dawning to me that I was in the middle of a campaign. The so called radio presenter was certainly biased. He had started by expressing his own view.

In most cases the first called calls to endorse the presenter’s angle. When you call you don’t land on radio. You are answered by a receptionist who will ask what it is you want to say. If your point is unacceptable obviously a decision is taken . So much for a neutral radio. I just think they are another voice for the rich and famous and most of them in protection of their wealth are Tories. Next I will develop the funding and support bases of these two parties.


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