A fool says in his mind……….

14 Feb

I attended a Protestant church boarding school. I do not agree with anyone who says that is when I was brain washed because by the time I went to boarding school I was already a boy of faith. I wasn’t brought up a regular Sunday school child but by age 8 I already had learnt to read the bible among other books. By age 8 I had read my first Shakespeare ,things fall apart and cry the beloved country.

Anywhere,one of the things I learnt at an early age was that there is God. The scripture I loved but could not recite like one kudakwashe was the Lord is my shepherd . The one I found blunt and hard hitting was about a fool saying there is no God.

Why I am saying all this is because yesterday someone found out or released information that the USA has 5% describing themselves as not believing in God. The United Kingdom has 20% unbelievers. I don’t know how that was reached but all the same ngatishande nezviripo.
Last night I proved that the bible is truly amazing and when it describes a fool as one who says there is no God, it is exactly spot on.

I heard a group of young men pouring scorn on God and realised how shallow a mind that knows no God is. Maybe not their fault but all the same hell bound fools.
I will not refer to any scripts or anything on Google to answer some of the questions that came up. I just want to make sense as my ordinary self.

The first I heard ranting was a radio presenter who at the end of the day did not lose his latent traces of christian up bringing. He could say he is an unbeliever but found it hard to say there is no God. His story is tragic even more so as took away his faith. He questions why there is a God who allowed his dad and mum to die. I have heard may stir that argument.

What the ignorant do not realise is that to God dying is not ultimate. To God whether you live or you die you are who you are. You are not with your family, you are not seen but you are His child and you are not the late. He has access to you if he so wishes. To man when one dies, apera.

The problem is that we see God in the way we want Him to be. We want Him to be one who clears the way for us. We want Him to be our think tank. We expect him to be some huge animal whose duty is to make sure we are safe; a guard dog of some kind. I don’t think so.God is God. We expect a servant God.

The other youth went into it with science. This reminded me of a sermon my school minister preached where he emphasised that science can neither prove nor disprove God by its measuring instruments. He said the day that will happen will be the end of the world. God can not be fathomed by science’s measurements. God can not be proved by people claiming to see him or not see him in a giant telescope. God is God

Others were arguing that immorality and hypocrisy are enough proof that God does not exist. So the word of God teaches morality. People decide to be immoral and that proves God does not exist? I don’t get the logic.

Anywhere there should not be any need for proof. This is a matter of faith and faith is ,”the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen.” How more simple can that be. As I have told many unbelievers, even when I don’t see God I just believe He exists. There are many many useless things I can’t see but know or even believe they exist. What more just believing that somewhere out there someone made all that is and that to me is God Almighty.


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