Chelsea supporting (racist) yobs

19 Feb

I was shopping in a supermarket one day. A woman was pushing a pram in which a little person aka a baby sat. He was probably 18 months or so; can they talk at 18 months….I am sure he was that age which can barely talk. At the top of his voice the little boy went,”mummy that man is black”. Mummy was embarrassed, she didn’t know how I was going to react and she apologised for what?

I do not think this in anyway illustrates or proves that the little boy is racist. I might be wrong but to me it just meant race is a topic in that household. At that age the mum has had a conversation with his son about people being different racially distinct. The circumstances are known to them.

On many other occasions I have met someone and they just change their facial expression. Suddenly someone happy looking changes to a stern face simply because, may be they have seen someone they hate,fear or what?

I always remember when my daughter had reached the age to start school. That would be over 10 years ago.i went to the local primary school to enquire about enrolling her. I found this receptionist lady and told her my story. No she did not understand an single word from me she said. I tried speaking slowly and all. No she couldn’t understand. “I can just about make out you need a school place for a child is that right?” Yes yes I said. She advised me to come back on the next Monday maybe there would be someone else who would understand me. Fair enough.

On Monday,4 days later, I was at reception. There she was. We had a flawless conversation from then till 7 years later when the girl finished. Miracle of time. In 4 days she learnt how to understand an african talking English. People have a problem with different people. This is what I can’t understand.

Every time I go out to meet a person for the first time, I sincerely hope and pray that I be able to accept them for who they are. My dream each time I see a human being is that I start and end with their best side, that I don’t see who they are and what they are if it is deeper than just that they are a person.

So anywhere, the football funs of Chelsea football club went over to Paris as Chelsea had a fixture against Paris St germaine. They get on the train and they are obviously happy and singing in praise of their team in anticipation of good football. A black Paris resident commuting to wherever gets on the train. The yobs refuse him access into his own train in the sense that first great western train or other is these yobs own train, if you see what I mean.

Then they sing a confession that they are racist and they love it or something to that effect.

My questions on this madness are, if one British man had not video recorded this was it going to be known about? Already with video evidence there are people who are hell bent on putting a spin on this. The McCoy guy who claims a totally different view from seen on video is just one.

If it wasn’t for the video would the Paris police be even talking as the prosecution authority is saying, that there will be arrests and jailing. We’re any arrests made anywhere considering the many different racist incidents the press has reported so far.

A caller to a radio chat on the issue tried to take the issue back to the Chelsea of the 70s. He drew clear parallels that Chelsea supporters were racist and still racist now. Ian Wright, a legendary gunner who played and lived in London during his time also hinted at a long history of racism at Chelsea.

Is Chelsea racist or Chelsea happens to represent a society that is racist? Chelsea as a club is certainly not racist. I don’t think any club would be racist in terms of policy and get away with it. Claiming they are not racist because they have black players is just rubbish. If that was their only reason it would leak; it is not water tight.

Society is racist, maybe both sides but certainly many white people have a problem relating to black people. At work there are people who will get away with stuff because no one is prepared to do something. A union poster, for example was posted in the gents toilet at my work place. There is a place where Union posters are put regularly being changed. This was a poster to promote racial harmony and it featured different skill colour hands holding. The black hand was cut in a x shape by some work place racist. There are very few ethnic minorities at my work place but it was a reminder to my heart that among the almost 100 colleagues there is at least’ one possible racist .

If I could return to the Chelsea yobs.more than two seasons later they still singing in defence of the their captain who a competent body found guilty and fined? So they confirm their captain is racist and that is right to be? They can be racist if it is in support of John terry and what did Paris train have to do with that? The thing is whether they were doing it to the black Parisian or were doing it for John terry, the fact remains they are racists and something needs to be done. They make it sound like John terry is indemnified for issues racist.

I have heard the John terry song before. I am sure it is sung a few times at Stamford bridge or in groups of drunken supporters. John terry knows there is a racist song in his honour. The Chelsea publicity team there is a racist song in support of John terry. Kick it out knows the song. Every football fun in England knows the song I am sure. If I, who only but rarely attend football matches in the grounds, have heard this John terry dong what more of real football funs. And what has been done about it?

I know even mild clubs like my dear mighty gunners appear docile, but when it comes to their arch rivals they have mean but certainly non racist songs.

The FA should take this one up. They must investigate the sentiments that Chelsea have always been racist. They must put a stop on this John terry bull****. How do the FA think Anton feels hearing a man who insulted him being idolised for it. How do the FA think we feel as a people when someone they found guilty of an offence is instead hero worshiped in every game his club plays in.

It is difficult to see what can be done with Chelsea as a club. The media chronicles a long streak of negative footprint left by Chelsea in Paris particularly since 1985. To put this to a stop I would deduct points from them. Why? Not as punishment sad such but so as to hit them where it pains the supported,players, technical staff and the executive all at once. They lose money sugar dad will pay but points is when everybody else will think about doing something.

Yet on the other hand there is a risk of sympathy multiplying wrong doers when they start seeing themselves as a victim of the system.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. – Martin Luther King Jr.

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