African Union formerly the organisation of African unity.

16 Apr

on hearing Africa announce the formation of the organisation of African unity just over 50 years ago, a western political publican is said to have remarked,”since when have Africans been organised.” It is strange that this somehow feels insulting and true at the same time. It is like an insulting fact, if you see what I mean. More like how an ugly person will feel when someone says to them,”futseki kushata.” It is true yet it is insulting. Got it?

How can it not be true when you look at it squarely, even the leaders noticed the truth in that and decided to change their name to another misnomer again. African Union? On this one they are not alone as I believe even the self styled mighty EU is not quite a unity. Uhm, then Union is not just in the word. One would humbly hope it is in actions, for all to see and exclaim, those are united people.

The problems Africa goes through are so embarrassing and silly that one would think it is a nation or nations on auto rule. Auto rule in the sense of a free falling policy making, a bobbing economy, a one man military defence centered on the ruling elite and a shop full of poverty. The leaders are mean to their citizens and have laws enacted against even squinting at their pictures which are in every office as a reminder of who is in charge.I find it difficult to criticise that concept because kana dzoro rambuya, mai Charles ritori pa mapondo nemapenny ese.

The problem with the African Union is not money, well they have no money anywhere, but…. Their real problem is they are devoid of principles. They are a total come together of selfish men taking turns to show off suits and ties all in most cases acquired from the very nations or economies they love to hate. I will count their short comings .

They do not stand for the truth when the nearest challenge is the embarrassment of their colleague. I am almost certain that Robert Mugabe did not attend the inaugural meeting of the OAU those many years ago. Maybe it’s trivial, but when the zimbabwe state press went home with a misfact that he was a founding father, non of them would dare challenge it. In case there is someone thinking so what? Yes exactly my point. The truth is the first rain of integrity. Unless you stand for the truth no matter how small, you have not yet reached that quality which makes man worth his socks.

I am also of a very low opinion of the AU because of their lack of commitment to specific African problems. I still have to hear an African leader, an African nation, saying anything about the xenophobic attacks and unprovoked murders happening in South Africa. It is interesting to note that the people being slashed and roasted are not just Zimbabweans, or Mozambicans who happen in some cases to be related to South Africans. The victims are from wider Africa. A victim, formerly a shop owner is reported saying, ” I would rather go back and die in my country…..” He was from Somalia. There are Kenyans, there are Malawians, Nigerians, Senegalese, Zambians and many other African nationals. And the so called African father’s say anything? 

Another problem that drains my tears is the story of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean waters trying to flee their homes for Europe. We are talking of Libyans,Egyptians, Algeria and some sub Saharan African nations perishing in the waters at the mercy of nothing.we always hear them dying in hundreds. Last time 400+ died while the African Union was in sessionary talk shows in Ethiopia. Recently and I mean maybe last week 200 were feared dead. Surprisingly Europe seems more concerned. Obviously they do not want the burden that comes with the dying of these people. Yet African Union a come together of their national father’s has not even a single moment of their business to discuss the dying of their children.

Africa is so fragmented that even talking of the possibility of United States of Africa is as much a dream as someone wishing they could wake up one day to find they have wings. The national leaders pick their friends according to who they can benefit from. There are some who are so poor that they make zimbabwe top shopping destination. Others are so rich that looking at zim they almost always refuse anything to do with the. 

The current chairperson of the au is one well read Robert Mugabe. The man has no clue running his own country, which he has severely polarised and also impoverished. If chairmanship was like state presidency I would warn everyone who cares to know to runaway and hide. The guy is just a political light weight whose ace is violence of cannibalist level. 


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