When a human being ages.

23 Apr

we humans keep count of time from when we are born to when it all ends, when the individual’s curtain is drawn. When they say une makore mangani they do not mean how many clouds do you own. As in uleminyaka emingaki, they simply mean how old art thou. So, james, how old art thou?

James was born fifty years ago in circumstances that time has kind of muddled. A number of things have kind of clouded over the years but yes he was born and celebrates his birthday on St George’s day. James has been fortunate to have shared his birthday with some truly wanderful people. I shared a birthday with my sister, MHDSRIP, and I shared a birthday with a niece who I have unintentionally lost contact with. All the same happy birthday to her. I also share my birthday with everyone who celebrate their birthday today. Happy birth day all.

I am happy because of so many things. These include the fact that by statistics I am well above the date at which Zimbabweans are expected to have died, on average anywhere. Zimbabwe’s average life expectancy, though doubtful, is well below 50.I have been involved in many many things that could have taken my life long back. Many of my friends and relatives are gone and being a Christian, I just hope God has plans for me. I am grateful for his grace and celebrate his wishes for me to be where I am today.

When I was 2 years old, my father passed away. The circumstances were such that, following trends of similar, I could have easily died then too. So in case someone thinks these things are about being clever and careful, I couldn’t be either at that lifeless age. So it was just the grace of God that intervened and got me this far along the story of Mother Earth.

When I was 8 a boy I knew climbed a fruit tree that everyone else would climb. I am sure it wasn’t even the first time he had done so. And that was his last climb. He fell, cracked his skull and died. Considering all boys climbed trees for fruit, it could have been me.

I lived my youth,my teen years and young adulthood through a very dangerous time when hiv aids had been created,manufactured or discovered. The discription depends on what you want to believe of the many conspiracy theories. What ever you believe, I grew up at a time when very little was known about the dangers and risk of the disease. I was together with everyone in danger and with no special effort, I have lived well beyond many friends. I am shocked and my heart skips a bit as I recall the days and the things that could have befallen me.

In my lifetime I have been held hostage by political malcontents, the type that could have slit my throat and smiled out a scud induced stench. (Scud= local brew). I have heard of horrendous stories following similar abductions. Yet without being innocent and without being special I lived to tell my story.

I have been in car crashes. All were bad ones. I am sure there have been three of my own. I have a story of selected sparing, where I was too lazy to run for a lift to chitungwiza one morning. The driver had no patience to wait for my pace and sped off. A few minutes later we caught up with his flaming car and dead bodies. What ever one thinks I am just grateful to tell the story of my life in a way that highlights the near misses and the moment I was spared. It is stupid to those who live by luck. I don’t, I live by blind faith, believing in a God I don’t see.

Yet too I am a simple man. I don’t have a lot yet I have enough for me and my only daughter. I have done well academically, managing two qualifications in a lifetime. Not a very normal way but that’s how I have chosen to model myself. I am not bad in what I do. While I owe the world both socially and financially, I have not cheated anyone of their dues. I have not had something from someone unfairly and that’s a legacy I am proud of. I was born with absolutely nothing, like all humans, and built myself to that which I have.

I have friends, mostly met through study, work or through church. I have made many in my lifetime. Remembering the Tafaras in my childhood in gweru those many moons ago. There came the WEbster,the late Ezekiel, Siniwa,Never,TAvei,Simba, Timothy, Elliot, JAmes, Farai,Mavis (late), morelight, Emilia, Geasy,Jeremy,Kuda, Jane, right up to those I still befriend today. With or without favourites among them I am happy for those that have run the course this far with me and hope we together run whatever remains of our God given grace to live.


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