jihad Grace

20 Aug

Kwanzi first lady! Mother of the nation Doctor Amai.  Iwe mazita kupfekerana.

You can call her whoever you will call her don’t call her my mum. Yes Grace is what my mum was called too, but lets end it there. this story of ice cream closely followed by this degree in violence thesis in joburg shocks me beyond.

I still cant get this. So a woman walks into hotel room where her liter of idiots is making fun of Zimbabwean loot and and poor zimbos and she shamboks them to hell. She is then attacked by a daring 20 year old model. she loses her sense of dignity, in the presence of her body guards pushes them aside and slushes the poor attacker with an electric cord? the girl decides to report and she doesn’t.

Or I still don’t get it! She gets into this room. Finds her sons with friends. she decides this particular girl is state enemy. enemy of Zimbabwe. as a defender of her nation she attacks the threat saving her nation from this dangerous one girl terrorist? otherwise how does one justify this? Whatever international law says it cant say that…….That a president’s wife is diplomatic immunity when she attacks a child for ……….

I still do not get it. so would that imply she beat the poor south African girl on behalf of Zimbabweans? Maybe just maybe, someone out there will pay attention next time this thing calls itself their mother. even just a slap on someone else’s child is taking things too far. yet a whole bunch of corrupt old men sit and agree that a dictator’s violent wife goes on to bash someone and get away with it just like that?

I thought south Africans would want to know why their country has let down one of their own. ignore the blood of their own in protection of what? In honour of what? for the sake of what? Malema


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