Does grace believe what she says….

6 Oct

For us to believe her, she must convince us and for her to convince us she must believe it herself.

She claims that her husband is the cleanest in the world. And she is not talking about kusageza. She means he is not corrupt and he is not corruptable. She must be dreaming. I am sure starting to think she does not know her husband, like maybe he does his deals without her knowing. Or maybe seeing the beautiful sunset that his life is fast becoming she thinks to lay a foundation for ignorance; good move!

The man claims he earns us$14000 per year. His sons spend more than that per month. He dresses in some black and white shoe I hear is probably more expensive than some twice resold Japanese imported car. He holidays in the Far East. He eats in expensive kingly Asian restaurants in far away countries where some of us can only dream of.

The man is a chancellor of at least 6 universities, one of which fairly conferred a 6 week PhD on his wife, the genius who bit the London university at English till they gave her a mandarin degree instead of o level English. Doctor amai believes doctor ababa is not corrupt, he is as clean as a whistle.

The same man who the now unaccounted for Cuban pathologist, told those of us who chose to stay awake that day, that the man turned up uninvited where Rex Nhongo’s charred body was being post-mortemed. And he is clean.

He is in obvious panic mode, trying to force one idiot, sorry one ED to say he was not poisoned. Why is he as angry as he was at the airport if he is not the one who……? That ED is surely a Lacoste, lizard son of a ghecko,friend of the alligator. If he was the croc himself he would have torn than matoto carrying jongwe into pieces long kudala. Still the oldman is clean.

He has thousands of my relatives’ blood on his hands, chose to call it a moment of madness. And he is clean. You know when I have soiled your pants before I will watch what I say on the subject. She doesn’t get it that she has no moral platform to talk about extra marital issues even in reverse order.

She forgets people sing about taking back children to their lineage. She forgets that the same mr perfect seduced her as a very down marengenya typist like it is good to fish in your typing pool. She forgets she was married. She forgets he was married.Zvifebe are now cleanest people in the world.

And  the land audit will never happen. Why? Because the guy in charge is afraid he is guilty. The corrupt cleanest man in the world. Or is it cleanest corrupt man in the world.

Come on Grace dear, the old man should be in jail kudala. He has no clue what clean is. Clean is for him to get of that seat of power. He has caused so much peacetime deaths and violence. The only less cleaner thing I can think of is  a turd






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