Don williams

6 Oct

i can not remember any time in my adulthood when I did not own a don williams compilation. And I don’t know if I will ever have no don williams music in my collection.

2017 Father’s Day my daughter bought me two cd’s……one bob Marley and one don williams. What a perfect gift from a daughter who knows me all too well. (Thank you my little girl)

little did I know that one day in 2017 I would sit to type farewell words to a legend, a champion of the box guitar and equally melodious country voice. A few years ago I attended his gig in Bournemouth, an event I thoroughly enjoyed. Don performed all the time perched on a stool. Yet he had a way of getting all to at least sway.

Why am I writing so many weeks after he passed on?  Because I have been waiting just waiting hoping that somehow I would end up with news saying it was all a hoax. So far it would appear it is not, and it took me 2 days to hear about it because I was on holiday in the highlands. Who still keeps up with world news when there is “nessy” to catch.

Gentleman, imaginary friend, guitar hero, voice of uncommon lyrics, superman of country music and perfected of the art of melody, may his dear soul rest in eternal peace. The path is the same the beginning is the same. It is the end of our stories which is written different. Rest in peace my legend.


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