Is zim getting sorted, sorted or just zim?

15 Mar

i have lived outside zimbabwe for more than 10 years and try as I may I still feel loads of interest to be a part of what is going on daily. It is the place where I lived adventured into hills, pools and Forrest’s without care. It is a place I made lasting friendships and learnt to fight for something, anything. It is the place where I learnt to read and write and the little that got me accepted in a foreign land as a worker. So yes, it is home.

i have heard loads of news fake, good, bad sad and outright untrue but have wished some to be true. I have heard of the death of the president many times in the years I have been out here, I will not voluntarily say how it made me feel each time. Such is how hatred and anger does even to a decent person.

when the news of a coup brewing started being whispered I was already primed for such a development. Mind you I am a supporter of coups. ( that didn’t come out right). I suppose when they a bloody they are bad for everyone but saying coups are bad is denial of a very easy way of dealing with very cruel men. Mugabe was going nowhere. It shows even now he does not want with the thing. Haadi nechinhu. Kafuni lento.

so in November a coup happened in Zimbabwe. Mugabe was resigned. ( grammatically wrong but yes he was resigned). It’s not that I am complaining, any removal of Mugabe was cause for a braai if not full party. The demagogue had grown too long a pair of horns. Mugabe had to go for many had already wished him to go even negwamwari.

the details of the coup will be known later, many years later but for now, Zimbabwe is again in bad hands. Zimbabwe is not being sorted. The incumbent regime is struggling for acceptance and legitimacy. It isn’t something that they would go around showing need for. Signs are there for all to see. The regime knows of criminals but will do nothing about it. They are arresting some people who it might turn out to be staged. One has so much against him that even a village court would convict him but he flatly roams the streets in boast. Fixing zimbabwe requires turning against all corruption and that requires prosecuting. At least two fat ones have avoided any charge.

zimbabwe can not be fixed if all the rumours of Mugabe wealth amassing is not dealt with. The nation will need answers on what he did and what he didn’t. During his tenure despite the nation suffering allegedly due to sanctions, due to sanctions him and his cronies became wealthiest. That a president earning $1200 ends up richer than the country is suspicious even to me.

If there is anyone who should be charged, persecuted or prosecuted for criminal abuse of office it is Robert Gabriel matibili Mugabe. Overnight his son in law whose qualifications remain questionable became operations manager of the national airline. His daughter, a holder of a Chinese first degree jumped a queue of eminent scholars, administrators, professionals, experienced to land at least 2 top appointments in no time. He could commandeer the plane to anywhere. He used state assets for party business.

Until the regular violence that Mugabe endorsed every election time is dealt with Zimbabwe is not fixed and is not being fixed. People were wantonly murdered for political view and choice something the constitution clearly confirms as theirs. A president who earned $1200 gets richer than presidents who earn n$400000! Add that for me, miracle money or what? Mugabe was in Malaysia or Singapore or Dubai for medical reasons like monthly yet now he is out of the office he is healed and making noise.

The current regime has not improved anything than so called absence of police roadblocks. We have elections in less than 6 months no attempt has been made to reform. We still are where we were this time last year. The current president is definitely behaving as if he is someone else’s spokesman. He goes around telling anyone who listens, that he will hold free and fair elections yet at home he does nothing to implement. He still behaves like he is Mugabe’s deputy. He has acting President syndrome, he dares not act.


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